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Somali hadii aysan gacmaha isqabsan waxaa raaci doonaa wadadii Lebnaan

Lebanon has become the first Arab country to allow Gay Pride Week to take place – but plans for the opening event were scuppered after Islamists threatened violence. ? Pride in London – 2008 (Anthony Devlin/PA Archive/PA Images) Proud Lebanon was due to kick off in the capital city of Beirut on Sunday (May 14) with a landmark run of ... Read More »

Somalia nightmare – Shocked UN chief urges help for hunger crisis

An elderly malnourished woman at the IDP camp in Baidoa, Somalia, yesterday, where the drought is severe. (Photos: AP)

BAIDOA, Somalia (AP) — Visibly shocked by the suffering of malnourished Somalis and cholera victims during an emergency visit, UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres yesterday urged international support to alleviate Somalia’s worsening hunger crisis. “Every single person we have seen is a personal story of tremendous suffering. There is no way to describe it,” Guterres said after seeing skeletal men, women ... Read More »

Somalia has opened a rehabilitation center for former Al-Shabaab combatants in the southern port city of Kismayo.


  The United Nations Mission in Somalia (UNSOM) said in a statement on Thursday that the center which is the fourth to be established in the Horn of Africa nation is part of Somalia’s National Programme for the Treatment and Handling of Disengaged Combatants. Director of the UNSOM Rule of Law and Security Institutions Group, Staffan Tillander said the establishment ... Read More »

Pentagon Wants to Expand US Military Efforts in Somalia


MOGADISHU, SOMALIA — With frequent suicide bombings and assaults on Somalia’s hotels and military targets, the Islamic extremist group al-Shabab has proved more resilient than expected, leading President Donald Trump’s administration to pursue wider military involvement here as current strategies, including drone attacks, are not enough, security experts say.Senior U.S. officials have said the Pentagon wants to expand the military’s efforts ... Read More »

Mohamed Abdullahi ‘Farmajo’, Somalia’s unexpected president


The odds, and the money, were tipped against Mohamed Abdullahi “Farmajo”. Nonetheless, the popular Somali-American academic trounced his more established rivals in Somalia’s presidential election on Wednesday, proving that even an imperfect democracy can deliver real change. By SIMON ALLISON.  It was difficult, in the run-up to the Somali presidential election, to find anyone to say nice things about the ... Read More »

Somalia: Jangali to Transfer Airspace Control to Foreign Countries


The outgoing aviation minister Ali Ahmed Jangali accompanied by Mohamed Khalif, a top official at the ministry jetted off to Canada, to attend a summit on the country’s airspace. Reliable sources at the aviation ministry have revealed to Radio Shabelle that Mr Jangali has a hidden plan to transfer the air control to Kenya, Ethiopia, Djibouti, Mauritius and India. “The ... Read More »

US Secretary of State John Kerry hits out at Israel on Middle East peace


The US Secretary of State has accused Israel of threatening peace in the Middle East in some of America’s harshest ever public criticisms of its key ally. John Kerry said Israel was not interested in finding a two-state solution to its conflict with the Palestinians and “believe in one state: greater Israel”. Mr Kerry said the US would have been ... Read More »